Champagne & Charcuterie 2024

I’m so excited because this is the first C&C event that was done under Carrying Dreams! It was a wonderful success, and super appreciate all of those who attended or donated towards the cause.

For those who aren’t aware already, this event initially started as a way for me to have a grown up party with all of my adult friends… but with intention. I have been in the Surrogacy industry for 10+ years, and loved the idea of giving back to Intended Parents… their journeys can cost an upwards of $80,000-$150,000 (or more!) and so we wanted to help give back where we could. 

Our Main Sponsors

So grateful this year we had some amazing sponsors to help fund this event! While we have over 40 businesses who participated in sponsoring for our raffle or silent auction, we have these wonderful folks to thank for as a part of our larger sponsor packages!