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Hey there, future dream-builders. We're thrilled to have you here on our about page, where the magic happens and laughter is always welcome.

Carrying Dreams is not your ordinary family building agency – we're a quirky (and passionate!) dynamic duo on a mission to make dreams come true! From surrogacy to egg-donation, our team is here to spread joy, love, and lots of laughs!

So grab a seat, put on your hat, and get ready to discover the heart and soul behind Emily and Nikki. As we grow, we promise you'll find a lot more than just words and bios – you'll stumble upon a whirlwind of smiles, inspiration, and a whole lot of happy tears. With that said - make sure to follow our Tiktok! (It's educational AND entertaining!)

Welcome to our story – it's just getting started!

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We promise to stand by your side through this journey. Each step of the way you have us in your corner.



Family comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds. We understand that at times, there may be obstacles. We support your path to parenthood and are here to help.



We have experienced personal journeys of our own and have consulted with thousands of Surrogates, Egg Donors, and Intended Parents on theirs. We understand the ins and outs of this process and want to help you too!

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CEO + Surrogate Program Director

Emily Westerfield

Emily Westerfield is a surrogacy expert, passionate surrogacy advocate, and a five-time gestational carrier. As one of the Co-Founders and Gestational Carrier program Director, Emily has helped hundreds of intended parents and surrogates throughout their journeys.

Emily is well-versed in the core processes and complexities along with the array of emotions associated with surrogacy. Her experiences have allowed her to share personal knowledge and expertise in consultations and the facilitation of journeys for both intended parents and surrogates, consistently setting them up for success.

During her illustrious career, Emily has partnered with specialists including obstetricians, gynecologists, urologists, and reproductive endocrinologists along with community hospitals around the northeast to grow awareness of surrogacy. Her strategic collaboration with Nir Keren birthed the launch of Carrying Dreams Surrogacy – an agency committed to providing comprehensive and unique experiences for intended parents and gestational carriers alike.

Emily is an ardent contributor to women’s health and development bringing light and education around women’s fertility and surrogacy. Her work can be found featured in Women magazines and online news outlets including Women's Health, Today.com, Bustle, Thrive Global and Authority, among others. 

She’s married to her supportive husband Max, the happy mother of three beautiful children and also an active gestational carrier having had the pleasure of bringing both singletons and multiples to couples and families across the country.

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Egg Donation Program Director

Nikki Wehmeir

Nikki is a highly experienced and accomplished professional in the field of egg donation. With nearly 14 years of expertise in the industry, she holds the esteemed position of Egg Donation Program Director.

Throughout her career, Nikki has played an integral role in over a thousand journeys, making her a true expert and leader in her field. In addition to her extensive work with egg donation, Nikki possesses valuable experience with surrogacy, both through her professional endeavors and personal connections.

Her approach to every potential match is characterized by a steadfast commitment to ensuring that all parties involved receive the utmost support and comprehensive information. Nikki's exceptional care and dedication to each journey have earned her a well-deserved reputation for excellence, as evidenced by the numerous referrals she receives from colleagues, Egg Donors, and Intended Parents.

Nikki's personal connections to infertility journeys, with her two nephews born via IVF, showcase her profound understanding and empathy for the challenges many face in building a family. With a track record of expertise, compassion, and advocacy, Nikki continues to leave a remarkable impact on the world of egg donation and surrogacy, making her an invaluable asset to those she serves.

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