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Oh heyyy, we’re thrilled to have you here, ready to learn more about this unforgettable journey as a Surrogate.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers – and a whole lot of virtual high-fives along the way!  When you chat with Emily, she’ll help answer things from “Can I still eat pickles and ice cream?” to “What emotions will I feel?”, we’re here to make your Surrogacy experience as smooth and exciting as humanly possible! Our Surrogates become Surrogates because they enjoyed pregnancy, and want to give back. Just ask Emily, she’s been a carrier 5 times!

We’ve got the details on compensation, the nitty-gritty on the process, and the secret ingredient to sprinkle joy in every step of the way (spoiler alert: It’s Emily’s ability to be so inspirational and so amazing). So get comfy in your seat, and let’s dive into the world of Surrogacy – where you’ll find an army of support, a league of laughter, and a heart full of love.

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Basic Qualifications To Become

A Surrogate


21-43 years of age *


U.S. Citizen


BMI 35 or less *


No more than 3 c-sections *


Have a solid support system


Not relying on government, state or public assistance of any kind (Medicaid, WIC, Food Stamps)


No history of any pregnancy complication (bleeding disorders, gestational diabetes, pre-term labor, pre-eclampsia, etc.)


Be able to travel as needed for appointments, screening, monitoring and embryo transfer

* Don't quite fit this criteria but still want to learn more about the options?

If you fit most of this criteria, but one or two are making you wonder if you would qualify, still reach out to us! We have a few clinics that have some flexibility on their requirements.

Check out our Hybrid program!

Surrogacy Compensation

Base Compensation$30,000 – $65,000
Monthly Allowance$250 
Medication Start Fee$750 
Multiples Pregnancy$9,000 – $16,500 per fetus
Maternity Clothing Allowance$1,000 
Embryo Transfer Procedure$1,000 
Mock Cycle$750 
Cancelled Cycle$500 
Invasive Procedures$1,250 
Loss of Organs$1,000 per ovary or fallopian, $2,000 loss of uterus and ovaries remain, $5,000 for loss of uterus AND ovaries
Cesarean Delivery$3,500 
Carrier’s Lost WagesPer paycheck verification
Carrier’s Spouse/Partner Lost WagesPer paycheck verification
Travel.65/mile or exact costs

Our Referral Program

At Carrying Dreams, we believe that sharing the love should be celebrated – and rewarded! That’s why we’re excited to introduce our Referral Program!

Refer a Friend, Earn $1,000: When you refer an incredible individual to become a Surrogate, you’ll receive a fantastic $1,000 referral fee. It’s our way of saying thanks for helping us expand our family of dream makers. And just FYI: Referring donors can earn you $250 – $500! 

No Limits, Only Rewards: There’s no cap on how many referral fees you can earn. Whether it’s one referral or a dozen, your kindness and support are truly appreciated, and we want to shower you with bonuses for each one. And of course, the Intended Parents will be super grateful too 😉

All Are Welcome: You don’t need to be an active donor or surrogate with us to refer others and earn these fantastic bonuses. Your commitment to helping dreams come true is what matters most.

Paid When Love Gets Legal: The referral fee is your special treat, delivered straight to you once the donor or surrogate signs the legal agreements with the Intended Parents. It’s the sweet cherry on top of a beautiful journey.

So, spread the word, share the joy, and let’s make dreams come true, one referral at a time! Together, we’re creating a world filled with love, laughter, and boundless possibilities. 

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