Hybrid Program

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Join us over in Canada for our Hybrid Program!

Gestational Carrier Criteria in the United States is stricter when it comes to qualifications with BMI, number of pregnancies, age and number of c-sections. We work closely with Canadian clinics to be able to offer a more flexible program for acceptance of gestational carriers to be able to move forward.

While the health and safety for our surrogates is always of utmost importance and our top priority, we have a significant number of carriers who can still help a person or couple in need and meets the requirements of a Canadian clinic and will accept a lower base compensation in return.

Basic Qualifications To Become

A Hybrid Surrogate

21-50 years of age

U.S. Citizen

BMI 40 or less

No more than 5 c-sections

Have a solid support system

Not relying on government, state or public assistance of any kind (Medicaid, WIC, Food Stamps)

No history of any pregnancy complication (bleeding disorders, gestational diabetes, pre-term labor, pre-eclampsia, etc.)

Be able to travel to Canada twice (valid passport) for medical screening and the embryo transfer. Medical care otherwise can be local to you.

From Our Very First Connection to the Joyful Arrival,
We Stand by Your Side in Our Hybrid Program.

The Surrogate's Journey